RYE Foundation Module Course Information


Over the past 30 years RYE (Research on Yoga in Education) has been working with educators around the world developing techniques and skills that enhance the learning environment within the classroom for both teachers and students.


Micheline Flak founded RYE – Research on Yoga in Education – in 1978. She taught English in a Parisian middle school and was also a yoga practitioner and teacher. Her experience of yoga began to influence her English lessons and through various experiments of incorporating yoga instruction in the classroom she became deeply interested in the way yoga enhanced the whole learning process. Micheline’s experience of yoga comes from the hatha and raja yoga tradition – a holistic approach, integrating all aspects of being.

RYE has its roots in ancient yogic tradition, and its basis is centred on six principles that are relevant and effective tools for the modern classroom. RYE uses simple yoga techniques – postures, breathing, relaxation and concentration in small amounts throughout the lesson to improve learning, by unifying the body with the mind, creating harmony within the class, amongst both peers and teacher.

More and more research is constantly being explored on the complexity of how individuals learn and schools are often implementing new methods. This in itself can often be draining for teachers who already have a multitude of tasks to perform. The key to RYE is that teachers experience yoga and RYE techniques for themselves to help harmonise both body and mind, enabling them to use the techniques more effectively.

RYE Foundation Module Course Information

RYE Foundation Module

 RYE UK Foundation Module


Day 1: Learning Through the Body

Day 2: RYE Techniques for the Curriculum 

Day 3: Emotions in the Classroom 

Day 4: Preparation for Exams 

Day 5: Relaxation in the Classroom 

Day 6: Yoga and Children with Special Needs 

The module is open to school teachers, trainee teachers and teaching assistants from primary/secondary/nursery/special needs, therapists (art/speech/occupational), as well as yoga teachers who are working with children (with recognised qualification and appropriate insurance) and parents. Participants need to be working with children and do not need prior experience of yoga although it is an advantage.

For course information and an application form please contact RYE UK – info@ryeuk.org

RYE Foundation Module Course Information

Taster Days – London

RYE Taster Day


‘Yoga Techniques in School’ 

 kid yoga small v2

10.00am – 5.00pm – £50

A fun, interactive day consisting of simple yoga postures, breathing and relaxation, so you can begin to experience yoga for yourself.

An introduction to the theory of RYE plus yoga techniques for children with sample lessons, taught in a very practical, active and fun way. These techniques can be used with children in the classroom at school to improve learning.

For nursery, primary and secondary school teachers, teaching assistants, therapists, parents – anyone working with children from nursery to university.

No previous experience of yoga necessary.

Prepare to meet your inner child!

For further information or to book a Taster day at your school please contact RYE UK –






RYE Foundation Module Course Information

The Benefits of using Yoga

Rachael Jefferson -Buchanan

Four years ago I completed a two-year diploma with RYE UK in the area of Research on Yoga in Education (RYE). This not only transformed me personally, in terms of my values and outlook on life, but it also inspired me to utilise yoga within my professional role at Bath Spa university. I will be sharing this learning journey with you, introducing you to some simple RYE techniques, and exploring their potential usage and value within an early years setting.

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