Research on Yoga in Education is the implementation of simple yoga techniques adapted for the classroom to help manage the energies of pupils and teachers alike, to promote effective learning. These RYE techniques can be used from nursery to university and linked directly with educational values. The benefits of these techniques are:

  • respecting and listening to self and others
  • to grow positive thoughts and good humour
  • maintaining the health of the body and mind
  • to straighten the spine and develop correct posture
  • to learn that physical activity can lead to relaxation of body and mind
  • to develop correct breathing
  • to manage stress and regulate energy levels
  • learning to relax and rest the body and mind
  • to install periods of silence and structured rest
  • to improve receptivity to teaching and to enhance learning
  • learning to concentrate, develop visual memory and creativity
  • to raise the pleasure of learning

About Micheline Flak

Micheline Flak is the President and Founder of Research on Yoga in Education (RYE) and an International Consultant in Educational Sciences. She has been working in the field of Education and Yoga for 30 years. Over the past twenty years the RYE association has been working with educators around the world developing techniques and skills that enhance the learning environment within the classroom for both teachers and students.


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