A short film on RYE techniques has been produced by Teachers T.V.Rachael Buchanan, who is a Senior Lecturer in PE, Dance, Education Studies & Primary Professional Practice at Bath Spa University and has trained with RYE UK, has worked with Teachers T.V. to produce this programme. The programme shows teachers attending a RYE workshop and a follow through with one teacher, demonstrating the RYE techniques in a classroom.

Yoga across the Curriculum



Yoga In School – A Primer for Teachers and Parents

Micheline Flak and Jacques de Coulon


When yoga entered the classroom…
It began as a whispered rumor. Then it was spoken aloud. The clamor grew as the news spread. Ten years down the road, people still express surprise when they hear it:
“They’re teaching yoga in the classroom!
What’s the world coming to?”
“Yoga, you say? But isn’t that some sort of sect or something?”
ask the dumb-founded and uninformed.
“What do you mean yoga?
How can they possibly expect children to practice in between chairs and tables?”
“How can proper space be provided in classrooms?”

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The European association EURYE was founded in Venice on 1 March 2000 by affiliate member associations of the French organisation RYE (Research on Yoga in Education), established in Paris in 1978 by Micheline Flak, at present an International Consultant in Educational Sciences.

EURYE’s aim is to encourage dialogue among its various member associations so that their experiences and projects may be shared by all. It also sets out, as stated in its statute, “to promote pedagogical- didactic methods which are oriented towards improving the quality of teaching and learning, taking inspiration from yoga and other expressive and psychomotor disciplines”.

Yoga is brought into the classroom, not as a subject in itself, but as an interdisciplinary element which can be introduced in the course of normal lessons. Thus it offers the pupil a new tool which can aid the learning process, and at the same time provides the teacher with a fresh support strategy.

Written by Mirella Perlasca