RYE Foundation Module

RYE UK Foundation Module


Sheffield Yoga School, South Road, Sheffield, S6 3TA
Day 1: Learning Through the Body
Saturday 12th May

An introduction to RYE techniques and the theory behind them

Day 2: RYE Techniques for the Curriculum
Sunday 13th May

Applying the RYE techniques for different age groups in the curriculum

Day 3: Emotions in the Classroom 
Saturday 16th June

Exploring ways to calm tensions and conflicts in the group or classroom in a relaxed atmosphere so that motivation, concentration and work are enhanced

Day 4: Preparation for Exams
Saturday 14th July

Experience practices that help control stress during exam time plus techniques to enhance awareness, concentration and promote self-confidence – the three essential conditions needed to deal with tests, exams, competitions, interviews, for all levels

Day 5: Relaxation in the Classroom
Saturday 22nd September

Looking at simple relaxation techniques that can be applied in the classroom, based on the systematic practice of Yoga Nidra

Day 6: Yoga and Children with Special Needs
Saturday 27th October

Exploring the use of yoga and its benefits for children with special needs

The module is open to school teachers, trainee teachers and teaching assistants from primary/secondary/nursery/special needs, therapists (art/speech/occupational), as well as yoga teachers who are working with children (with recognised qualification and appropriate insurance) and parents. Participants need to be working with children and do not need prior experience of yoga although it is an advantage.

For course information and an application form please contact RYE UK – info@ryeuk.org

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