RYE uses simple yoga techniques - postures, breathing, relaxation and concentration in small amounts throughout the lesson to improve learning. These techniques help to unify the body with the mind, and create harmony within the classroom amongst peers and the teacher. The RYE techniques can be integrated into many situations, in the classroom, P.E. lessons, at home or as part of a yoga class.


A key part to all RYE training is to experience yoga for yourself and the benefits it brings. The Foundation Module and EURYE consists of regular yoga classes and relaxation so you can develop your own practice on a personal level, which helps you to deliver the techniques more confidently within the classroom.



Taster Days


Foundation Module



International Seminar



Testimonials about RYE modules


I greatly enjoyed this module. I learnt more than I had expected and I feel it has provided me with a fantastic insight into how to make education holistic. It has improved my teaching and learning practice, particularly within the early years, and I am looking forward to continuing to use the techniques with my own class when I enter the teaching profession in September 2009 as a newly qualified teacher.
Hannah Churchill, Primary and Early Years PGCE student, Bath Spa University, RYE UK Foundation Module 2009


RYE embedded positive techniques into my planning and practice and had a huge impact on how I taught. I loved the fact that RYE was based on a particularly thoughtful and reflective approach to education and focused on connecting emotionally to children. I was fully committed to looking at education in a holistic manner but before RYE was struggling with how I could achieve this in the mainstream education system with its overriding emphasis on academic achievement. RYE has provided an entrance point. I did feel that doing the RYE course made me a more competent and confident teacher. I also feel it changed children's feelings about how and what they learnt.
Yvette McLoughlin, Early Years PGCE student, Bath Spa University, RYE UK Foundation Module 2009


The RYE approach to yoga in education empowers educators to integrate simple practices that can be used at different times of the day for different purposes within their classroom to improve learning. The techniques are adaptable for a range of ages and educational settings and can be used across the curriculum and throughout the school day.
Beatrice Adie, Early Years and Primary PGCE, RYE UK Foundation Module 2009



RYE UK - Taster Days

  • A fun, interactive day consisting of simple yoga postures, breathing and relaxation, so you can begin to experience yoga for yourself.
  • An introduction to the theory of RYE plus yoga techniques for children with sample lessons, taught in a very practical, active and fun way. These techniques can be used with children in the classroom at school to improve learning.

For school/nursery teachers, teaching assistants, therapists, parents – anyone working with children from nursery to university.

No previous experience of yoga necessary. Prepare to meet your inner child!
Details of the next day to be announced.





RYE UK - Foundation Module - Ireland

22-25 August & 24-25 October 2015
Venue: The Yoga Centre, Long's Yard, Tower Street, Cork, Ireland


Day 1: Learning Through the Body
Saturday 22nd August 2015
An introduction to RYE techniques and the theory behind them


Day 2: RYE Techniques for the Curriculum
Sunday 23rd August 2015
Applying the RYE techniques for different age groups in the curriculum


Day 3: Emotions in the Classroom
Monday 24th August 2015
Exploring ways to calm tensions and conflicts in the group or classroom in a relaxed atmosphere so that motivation, concentration and work are enhanced


Day 4: Preparation for Exams
Tuesday 25th August 2015
Experience practices that help control stress during exam time plus techniques to enhance awareness, concentration and promote self-confidence – the three essential conditions needed to deal with tests, exams, competitions, interviews, for all levels


Day 5: Relaxation in the Classroom
Saturday 24th October 2015
Looking at simple relaxation techniques that can be applied in the classroom, based on the systematic practice of Yoga Nidra


Day 6: Yoga and Children with Special Needs
Sunday 25th October 2015
Exploring the use of yoga and its benefits for children with special needs


Course Information

  • The course is a 6-day module. The first 4 days are on 22-25 August 2015 followed by the last 2 days on 24-25 October 2015
  • Each day will be practical and consist of an adult yoga class and Yoga Nidra (relaxation) - for your own personal experience
  • RYE theory and practice on using yoga techniques in the classroom with children aged 3-18 years
  • Enabling you to start using these techniques with your children and to begin to integrate yoga into your life

Module Requirements

  • For school/nursery teachers, teaching assistants, therapists, parents – anyone working with children from nursery to university
  • No previous experience of yoga necessary
  • Weekly attendance to a recommended yoga class during the course
  • Currently working with children
  • DBS checked/ Garda Clearance (Irish DBS)
  • One reference (working with children)
  • Yoga teaching insurance cover must include working with children

A certificate is awarded when the following requirements have been met:-

  • 100% attendance
  • Throughout the training you will need to keep a reflective journal of applied techniques with your children after each training day
  • At the end of the training period, a short report will need to be submitted, to help consolidate your experiences
  • Throughout the training you will be expected to regularly participate in a yoga class

Cost of Module

  • 700 Euro / £515
    (pay 245 Euro / £180 deposit ASAP to secure your place)



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July 25-31 2015

Ofir – Esposende – Portugal


Please download the brochure for more information here


(EURYE certified - held every two years in different European countries)

Gives the individual the opportunity to experience an intensive international residential, developing ideas and experiences with other teachers.




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